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Your business is a lot like a movie.

It’s designed to give people an experience. To change them. To move them. 

But the truth is, getting people to commit to the transformation of watching a movie or experiencing your product/services requires STRATEGY.

While watching the red carpets role out on television looks easy, the truth is, a LOT of work goes in behind the scenes to get things done at an expert level. 

And look, I’m not saying everything needs to be perfect to hit your goals. What I’m saying is that there’s a difference between a movie produced using your Dad’s camcorder and advertised with a flyer and a Hollywood Masterpiece with a full advertising campaign. 

I’m here to help you get your launch Hollywood-style results with straightforward systems, strategy and support that will get you the most bang for your buck.

Up until now maybe your “launches” have been...

All crickets. You’ve tried to be bold and put yourself out there but it’s like you’re talking into the void.

Nonexistent. You run on referrals and while you’re #grateful, but you want a launch process designed to take things to the next level.

A bag of stress. You want this but you don’t want to lose your sanity. You’re looking for a way to get the results you want but without constantly worrying about conversion rates, opt-in effectiveness and whether or not your sales page is good enough.

You know you have a solid offer. You just need the strategy that will take your sales to the next level.

You’re ready to understand how to expertly position your offer, get proven strategies to blow this launch (and all your next ones) out of the park, AND get direct feedback from someone who knows the ins and outs of the Launch World. 

You’re ready to go for the BIG time, and Launch Celebrity is here to help.

Ready for the details? Here we go. 


Launch Celebrity is a 9-month group mentorship / launch strategy program for service providers, agency creatives and marketing consultants who want to learn how to produce blockbuster launches (for yourself or your clients). Get launch training, weekly support + strategy calls and personalized asset reviews.

Inside Launch Celebrity, you’ll learn the 7 Pillars of the Blockbuster Launch Method

Click on each Pillar below to see what you’ll learn inside each pillar of The Blockbuster Launch Method!

The outcome?
You’re a launch superstar.

Launch Celebrity includes…

Full access to my signature system, The Blockbuster Launch Method including 7 short and sweet virtual lessons that you can watch at anytime from anywhere (it’s available as video, transcript, audio and slide deck so you can interact in the way you learn best)
($5000 value)

A private online community where you can share designs, wins, ask questions about your launch process and strategy, and anything else that comes up! We’ve got your back so you never feel like you’re out there figuring this all out alone.

Star-worthy Support to help you hit your launch goals. My team and I will act as your virtual sidekick to talk through things while you build your launch and give you specific feedback on your work. (Yes, we’ll be looking at your specific launch assets through weekly critiques)
($5000 value)

We’re talking:

Two Q+A Calls a month so you can pop on and and get all of your burning questions answered

Two Strategy Hot Seat Calls a month where we’ll dive into your plans and share feedback based on the hundreds of launches we’ve supported and millions of sales dollars generated

Personalized Asset Reviews where my team of experts and I will give you direct feedback on what you’re creating so you KNOW its top notch

Bonus Pop Up Hang Outs where we’ll co-work, plan your launches and more!

Plus, access to these BONUSES:

I’ve got a library of assets, process maps, templates and more that you can take and tweak to use for your own launches, including a sales page design + copy template.

Let me keep this 100% real. Launching is no joke, and requires you to step into bigger shoes that you ever thought possible. Learn how to think big, and create success habits to help you step into your new Launch Celebrity shoes.

Determining Your Mogul Status + Creating Success Habits (Big-Picture Thinking + Idea Execution)

Biz Systems You Need for Success (Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Money Relationships)

Creating A Product Suite that Converts (DIY, DWY, DFY)

Your identity is who you are. You get to design how you show up. When you know who you are, it’s easier to show up, deliver your offers, and talk about the difference you make in your customer’s lives.

What’s your personality type? What makes you a trendsetter? Learn how to infuse more of your identity to your website, your sales page, and your social media (Voice, Colors, Values)

Taking Your Identity On Tour to build your audience (podcasts, guest trainings, guest webinars)

The investment of hiring a team of launch experts to help you with your next launch? Between $15,000 and $30,000.

The investment for Launch Celebrity? WAY LESS.

The investment for Launch Celebrity is $3000, less than it would cost to hire a launch manager!

Once you’re accepted can choose the investment option that works best for you!

1 Payment of


9 Payments of


 Fill out your application to join Launch Celebrity.

I tripled my revenue!

"I tripled my revenue! I’m definitely not a freelancer anymore and I would never have realized that I could, or should, niche down in order to grow my business if it wasn't for Melissa. I’m now clear about the direction my business is going.”

– Shaundra Howard,
Creator of Stressless Launches

Before working with Melissa, I had no idea how to build my brand online.

"Within 30 days of working with her privately and joining Conversion Design School™, I have a working opt-in, landing page, a list of 200+ people, my Facebook ads are converting, and I'm creating an offer I plan to launch next month.

I'm so grateful for her showing me the way, and everything is getting clearer and clearer. I would not be this far without her guidance."

– Dr. Radka Toms,
Founder of My Sugar Stop

Before talking to Melissa, I had no plan, no structure, I really felt like I was walking around in circles.

"Just an hour with Melissa gave me SO much clarity, which then gave me the enthusiasm to proceed with my launch. Thank you so much Melissa for making things so clear, manageable and doable. I am truly grateful.”

– Melanie Moore,
Founder of Tapping Into Abundance

Melissa Burkheimer

You may know me for my sales pages designs, but I’m not your average designer.

From 2014 to 2016, I was the launch manager for a brand-new program that generated over 2+ million in sales

The first sales page I created in 2015 generated $750K in revenue, compared to a $100K in sales from 2 previous launches combined

Another client sold 80 spots to her first course launch after her beta program and generated $10K in revenue

In 2018, I created a sales page that did $500K in sales within 2 months for a brand-new membership community.

I’ve been the strategic brain behind many of your favorite visionary entrepreneurs and now, I want to help YOU become a LAUNCH CELEBRITY.

Melissa was able to take the essence of me…

"And put it into a beautiful format to share the message I wanted to get out there. It’s better than any sales page I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it’s mine. It’s really perfect.”

– Kimra Luna,
Freedom Hacker, Branding Mentor and Founder of Be True, Brand You

Melissa is not just an amazing designer, an incredible project manager, a standout launch manager.

"She can single-handedly take a project with dozens of moving pieces and with little to no input from my normally Type-A self, she can provide results that are beyond my wildest dreams {and produce the 6-figure launches that I want}. I can see a ten fold return on the investment I made and it’s been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done!”

– Lise Kuecker,
Founder, The Client Cure

Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.

“Melissa was so on top of things! What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned. Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

– Amy Porterfield,
Creator of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

What happens after I apply?

I’m currently accepting applications for May enrollment. Fill out your application ASAP to become a future Launch Celebrity + get access to a complimentary Launch Celebrity Hot Seat Call with me!

A Launch Celebrity Hot Seat is a 20-minute, 1:1 conversation with me where I help you find a solution to a specific challenge you’re currently facing in your business.

Before the Launch Celebrity Hot Seat, you’ll feel stuck, unsure how to move forward to hit your goals.

After the Launch Celebrity Hot Seat, you’ll leave with clarity and direction. Problem solved!

When you fill out your application, it’s just like raising your hand to tell me that you’re interested, and doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to invest and/or join if you’re accepted.

You’ll receive a message from me within 48 business hours with a link to book your Launch Celebrity Hot Seat. I’ll be personally reviewing every application, and can’t wait to speak with you!

When I bought my first course in 2012, I saw so much possibility in the online space that it became my reality.

Then, I started designing sales pages for the influencers I was buying courses from. My profit grew!

Then, I became a launch manager and helped run a multiple 7-figure business that generated most of it’s revenue from launches. 

I got to see first-hand what it’s like to run all kinds of launches: affiliate promos, digital courses, masterminds, events, and more. 

Between my sales page clients and my launch strategy clients, the impact + imprint they created inside their own businesses and in their industries were mind-blowing. 

Launch Celebrity is my way of bringing all of the wisdom I’ve acquired from ALL THE LAUNCHES to you (and including an incredible support community for you as you learn and implement!) 

Launch Celebrity is for:

Established brand creators who want to learn how to launch their offers online

Service providers, agency creatives and marketing consultants who want to get hired to work on launch teams

Heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better

Big thinkers who see possibility and are ready to take action

People who value ALL human beings, inclusivity, diversity, equity, equality and the earth

People who care about consensual sales that are a win/win for you and your clients (you won’t find any sleazy sales tactics here!)

Launch Celebrity is NOT for:

People who have no interest in making money with their business

People who are committed to seeing the glass half empty

People who don’t value the creative process, quality design, or proven strategy

People who are looking for tactics they can use to manipulate people

The biggest benefit I have experienced working with Melissa is gaining clarity. To me, that's priceless. And, in 10 days, I have had 950 visitors, an average of 23 orders and made over $500 in product sales!

"Before joining Melissa's program, I struggled with pricing and understanding my niche. I own a profitable product based business, but I have always wanted to add a service based business as well. The problem was, I had no idea how to do it or what I could offer. Working with Melissa, I discovered a profitable niche, learned how to design to make conversions and left with an understanding of how my designs could impact my monthly/yearly income goals.

The biggest benefit I have experienced working with Melissa is gaining clarity. To me, that is priceless. It is one thing to have a huge idea, but when you hone in on the specific thing you can offer a client, that’s what separates a good business idea from a profitable one.

Melissa encouraged me to pursue my goals without being afraid. I recently used her template for a sales page design to set up a sales page for my newest product. In 10 days, I have had 950 visitors, an average of 23 orders and made over $500 in sales! My total sales for Month to Date are up 1,855% and my online store sessions is up 975%."

– Shaunice Sasser,
Co-founder, Brown Girl Stationery

The landing page for my new emotional eating quiz is converting at >90%!

"Melissa understands what converts and what doesn't, and she's incredibly generous with her knowledge. Applying the skills I learned in her program, the landing page for my new emotional eating quiz is converting at >90%!"

– Dr. Brooke Smith,
Emotional Eating Expert

Is Launch Celebrity your next step?

Fill out the application below and we’ll let you know if you’re a good candidate!


Is now the time? 

Do you have the capacity to do this?

Is the investment worth it? 

These are all great questions and before you fill out the application, ASK YOURSELF. 

Launch Celebrity is designed to be efficient and effective but only YOU can take action, implement and ask for support when you need it.

Getting an ROI is MORE than possible, but it will require your commitment.

Launching is a long game, not a quick fix or a bandaid.

You’ll experience lots of wins, lots of losses, and lots of launches. It’s not about the ups and downs, it’s about strategically using the information you gather during each launch to make the next one more effective.

You don’t wake up a Launch Celebrity (contrary to what Facebook ads will tell you.)

I’ve designed this experience to take you through a full launch transformation from Undiscovered Creator to Launch Celebrity in six months.

The Undiscovered Creator really wants to use their expertise and creativity to help make a difference in their industry.

They've tried a few things, but aren't really seeing the momentum they want with their launches, don’t know which direction to take to take their launches to the next level.

They know they are talented, but want to go from unknown to mainstream.

When you join Launch Celebrity, the first step in going to the next level is immersing yourself in launch training to get a 50,000 foot view of what a launch is so you can bring your ideas to life.

Take the lingo like “opt-in rate” and “conversions” and “sales page” you’ve heard, and actually use them as tools in your launch.

Come up with new ideas to test, build your confidence, get feedback on your assets + strategy.

Go from trying with no luck - to creating launch plans that start to yield results. This part of the launch process requires experimenting and testing. You start to see results that help create possibilities for what’s next.

The Launch Celebrity knows exactly...

How to execute a launch for their offers, help their customers, make a name for themselves, and create real change in their industry.

Their launches get better every time.

Yes, it’s a journey.
And HELL YES, it’s worth it.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Service providers, agency creatives, and marketing consultants will learn everything you need to know about launches, design + publish their sales page, and learn the mindset + conversion design strategies you need to build a business that’s profitable, easy, and fulfilling.

No. I can absolutely promise that you can learn everything you need to know about creating a launch that converts, which is the program promise. I’ve designed the curriculum of this program to help service providers, agency creatives, and marketing consultants own their launch genius through the content training, templates, and weekly mentorship support calls.

Maybe some of it. But I’ve got real experience in the trenches of launches as a sales page designer + launch manager that have generated multiple 7 figures in total combined revenue. I’ve carefully designed this program to help you own your inner launch genius. And you’re not going to find that on YouTube or in a free download.

Because I know a lot of really talented service providers, agency creatives, and marketing consultants who undercharge, work with clients who don’t appreciate them, and want a simple system for getting their products and services out there. I want to help 100 service providers go from undiscovered creators to launch experts with an in-demand offer in the next year.

You’ll get access to the content inside a private members area. Each lesson will be delivered in a private members area via video, audio, and transcript so it’s incredibly easy to digest.

We’ll offer support via weekly group mentorship calls where you’ll get my eyes on your homework, answers to all your questions, and creative asset reviews. Plus, there will be an online community that you can ask questions in. Questions will be answered by me, my team, and your fellow Launch Celebrity members.

No! I’ll give you access to my templates with step-by-step instructions for making your sales page live. You can use the template as a starting point, or create your own design using the template for inspiration.

You don’t have to be the best copywriter in the world, but you should have a basic understanding of digital marketing.

It’s for service providers, agency creatives, and marketing consultants who want to learn how to produce a launch that converts.

No. Applying just shares that you’re interested. It’s like raising your hand to ask a question.

YES. I will personally review every application for this initial launch.

All applicants will receive a message from me within 48 hours letting them know if they’ve been accepted. You’ll also receive more details about the program, and can ask my team anything

I’m enrolling the next group starting May 1 and the program lasts for 9 months. You can expect to spend 2-4 hours a week watching the training, participating on the group calls, and creating your assets. Launching and growing a business is a long-term game.

I’ve created flexible payment options. Once you’re accepted, you can choose the one that works best for you! The investment options are 1 payment of $3000, or 9 payments of $400.

A coach is a great investment. If you want to learn about the world of launching and build a business that’s easy, profitable, and fulfilling, this would be a great addition to your coach.

No. There are absolutely no refunds for this program. This is to protect my intellectual property, and protect the investment of our students. If you’re not at 100% ‘YES’ or making an investment will cause you any financial strain, please don’t buy this program. If you’re on the fence, and have more questions, send me a note at and my team will make sure I see it.

Launching is an investment that helps you build your audience, perfect your strategy, and help you fulfill your purpose. Depending on what tasks you can handle in house and what you need to outsource, like copy, design, tech integration, planning and more. Additional expenses can include paid advertising, technology, thank you gifts for your students and more.

Me and my team! Send an email to me at with all your questions. I won’t try to sell you anything that isn’t a good fit for you. I’ll help you make the best decision for you.

It’s time to stop playing small and start playing strategically. That means…

Getting the training you need to plan and execute launches that produces results without the overwhelm

Knowing the difference between a confusing offer and a clear one

Planning your user journey from start to finish with the customer top-of-mind, so they’re set up for success from day 1

Learning modern digital marketing strategies like conversion design and empathy to help you get better results with your launches

Looking at your data and user behavior so you can improve conversions during your next launch.

Becoming a Launch Celebrity isn’t a stroke of luck. It’s about strategy.

If you’re ready to learn and implement, I’m here to help. Let’s do this!

I’m grateful you’re here!

If you’re interested in joining Launch Celebrity, take some time to tell me all about your launch goals. I’m currently accepting applications for May 2021 enrollment. Fill out your application ASAP to become a future Launch Celebrity + get access to a complimentary Launch Celebrity Hot Seat with me.

I’m rooting for you!