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What To Do When You Get A “Big Name” Customer

Strategies for Attracting Big Name Customers You’ve worked really hard to make connections and share your smarts by adding value. There’s this uber-successful person you’ve really looked up to for a while and they’re starting to notice you.

You make your move, introduce yourself and stay in touch – thanking them for all they’ve done to help you. Soon, they begin to refer to you as a “good friend.” By now you’re all like “what?!”

And then boom. They hire you to do work for them. You’re in shock. You never expected that to happen. So after you’ve done the happy dance, what do you do?

I’m going to teach exactly what you should do after you’ve added a big name customer to your roster. (This is exactly what I did when I added two big names to my roster).

Before we dive into what to do next, I want to define what the term “big name” means. Really, it just means someone in your industry or town who has a large following tha you look up to. It could be an author, a CEO or someone who has built a really successful business and is genuinely a nice person who cares about other people.

Okay, now back to the fact that you’ve landed a big name as one of your customers. First off, congratulations! That’s an amazing accomplishment and if you really look up to this person, you may go into a state of shock. I recently felt like I was going to faint when I added big name customer no. 3 to my customer list!

When I first added a big name customer to my list, I was in a state of shock. This person actually asked how my day was going (and called me out on it when he knew I was just being polite by saying I’m fine), paid me the day I sent an invoice and always told me he was grateful to have me helping with his creative projects.

If you’re wondering what this means for your business and you’re kind of unsure of what to do next, I’m going to give you three steps you can take so you can make the most of this relationship so it benefits the both of you.

Step 1: Do nothing

First you’re going to do nothing. That’s right, I said nothing. And by nothing, I mean you’re going to hustle your booty off and knock their socks off with your amazing service and value, just as you would any of your other customers.

Step 2: Assess the situation

Next, you’re going to take a step back and assess the situation. After a few weeks into the relationship, take yourself out of the business relationship and the state of being starstruck. Take some time to weigh the pros and cons of the new level this creates for your business.

Is this is the kind of person you want to work with in the future? Does the relationship benefit you and the big name customer? Is this something you’d want to do long term for other people with similar businesses? Ponder the answers to these questions very carefully so you can create a strategic plan the future of your business.

Step 3: Go for the ask

Finally, you’re going to ask. Ask this big name person to give you up to 10 minutes of their time so you can ask some specific questions about your relationship so far.

The key here is to get feedback based on your performance so you can attract more customers of this caliber, if that’s the direction you decide to take with your business. The language he or she uses in their answers will help you write your copy for a new offering that will solve a similar problem other big name entrepreneurs may face.

Some questions to ask include:

What’s been the biggest benefit of working with me?

What’s something else I could do to make your life easier?

What was this process like in your business before you started working with me?

Do I have your permission to use your testimonial on my web site?

Do you know anyone else who could use help in this area of their business?

Take the feedback and, with their permission, tastefully post it in the form of a testimonial on your home page, on your “work with me” page and even on your future sales pages.

Now I want to give you a minor warning: some big shots don’t like to publicly share who their team members are. This isn’t uncommon and it doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to help you. Be sure you respect their decision.

Remember, it is okay to be happy when you get a big name customer. Just stay practical. (Tweet that)
Do you have any questions about what to do once you get a big name client? Leave ‘em in the comments below this post. I’d love to help you!

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