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NEWSFLASH: Internet Domination takes more than pretty design or a 7-step formula.

I build sales pages, but I’m nothing like your average designer.

Since 2013, I’ve designed sales pages and executed launch strategies that have generated multiple seven figures in total revenue.

In order for that kind of achievement to take place, many things need to come together at once: the right influencer, the right product, the right message, the right offer, the right team, and an expert who understands the specific trends, psychologies, and elements that turn an average sales page + launch into an outstanding one.

I don’t just design. I create sales pages that elevate your products and services with the iconic design they deserve combined with high-producing launch strategies.

Every sales page I create is exceptional,  and the proof lies with the influential marketers I’ve partnered with.

My design style is simple. As a result, everything is clearly laid out, not too busy, and matches the place your business is headed six months and even two years from now — not yesterday.

I bring the vision you want to life. It’s is not about following the rules (rules were made to be broken after all), it’s about creating the design standard for your launch and delivering it in a way that wows you, and more importantly, your audience.

Your sales page is the last page that everyone sees before they decide to work with you. It should align with your launch plan, and be flawless.

When I work on sales pages, launch plans, messaging, and marketing, I look at the big picture, your business model, your offers, and the whole thing to make sure it’s set up to convert!

You're the star.

I'd love to add you to my roster of rockstar clients.

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I'm an Iowa girl who's a million dollar sales page designer + creative director for hire.

My signature design process helped me achieve my dream of getting paid to be creative while staying home with my two boys, both teenagers now.

I’ve consulted on dozens of launches as a sales page designer, creative director, and launch manager that have collectively generated multiple 7 figures in revenue.

My clients 10X their sales goals and get featured in places like The Ellen Show, Access Hollywood, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

In 2018, I launched The Design Business Show, a podcast that teaches expert entrepreneurs how to use design to build credibility and increase conversions. The podcast won “Best Podcast” at the 2019 Social Media Club Hashie Awards.

Today, my mission is simple: give design a voice, and help creators sell their offers online. I do this through my 1:1 consulting and inside my signature program, Conversion Design School™.

When I’m not using my conversion design brain or day dreaming about my new mascara line, I’m probably sipping tea, lounging in my pool, or jamming out to  Mariah Carey. Or bribing my kids with Starbucks so they’ll hang out with me.

Check out what industry experts, my celebrity clients and rockstar students have to say about working with me...

Melissa is one of the best designers to work with in the online space.

"Working with Melissa on several long-form sales pages for different course launches has proven to me that a designer who understands copy, branding, UX, and how to keep a project moving along is critical to a successful launch and to the creation of a beautiful and high-converting sales page.

Melissa knows her stuff, she's experienced, and she's also open to doing whatever it takes to make the project successful.

She understands the goals of what we need to accomplish with a project, and she's open to the needs of a copywriter, like myself, and takes all of it to create a design that accentuates the copy, which ultimately sells a product or course. And then takes the design, and creates around the most important parts of the copy so that it clicks, converts, so people can scan it, read it, and so people want to purchase whatever you're selling.

She's the real deal, an awesome person, and is a go-getter who is not afraid to put in hard work and one of the best designers to work with in the online marketing space.”

Kira Hug,
Conversion Copywriter and Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

“Melissa was so on top of things! What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned. Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

Amy Porterfield,
Creator of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Conversion Design School™ + Melissa's launch and design strategies gave me a clear picture of what to do when I launch.

"Conversion Design School™ is a design meets how-to-launch-your- strategy + business and marketing school and it should be a prerequisite for all design students and entrepreneurs building their businesses.

No one else is teaching conversion design, yet every designer, copywriter, and entrepreneur needs to know how to visually and functionally tell a story that sells through all the stages of the sales funnel. Melissa is teaching more than design in the traditional sense; she's showing you how to design a smart launch, from the offer to the sales page.

If you're designing a sales page or getting ready to launch your service or product, enroll now. Melissa is a natural teacher, epic designer, and a brilliant launch strategist. Enroll ASAP!"

Nicole Edwards,
Conversion Copywriter + Designer

We did $300,000 on the initial launch and are on track to do $500,000 two months later using the sales page Melissa designed.

"I wanted to make sure that the sales page represented the quality of program that I was looking to launch, in that this was going to be a core offer for my entire business. Working with Melissa and her team was absolutely amazing.

She was professional, easy to work with, hit all our deadlines ahead of time (we were on an extremely tight schedule), and you was extremely personable. I really felt like she cared about what I was doing and making sure that the experience was a great one on my end. We did $300,000 on the initial launch and are on track to do $500,000 two months later using the sales page Melissa designed."

Bob Heilig,
Founder of Legacy Leadership Academy™

I tripled my revenue!

"I tripled my revenue! I’m definitely not a freelancer anymore and I would never have realized that I could, or should, niche down in order to grow my business if it wasn't for Melissa. I’m now clear about the direction my business is going.”

Shaundra Howard,
Creator of Stressless Launches

Melissa is not just an amazing designer, an incredible project manager, a standout launch manager.

“She can single-handedly take a project with dozens of moving pieces and with little to no input from my normally Type-A self, she can provide results that are beyond my wildest dreams {and produce the 6-figure launches that I want}. I can see a ten fold return on the investment I made and it’s been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done!”

Lise Kuecker,
Founder, The Client Cure

Melissa was able to take the essence of me… and put it into a beautiful format to share the message I wanted to get out there. It’s better than any sales page I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it’s mine. It’s really perfect.

Kimra Luna,
Freedom Hacker, Branding Mentor and Founder of Be True, Brand You

Check out my podcast, The Design Business Show.

The Design Business Show won "Best Podcast" the 2019 Social Media Club Hashie Awards.

The Design Business Show teaches expert entrepreneurs how to use design build credibility and increase conversions online.
Click here to hear real stories from creatives in the field and get the design strategy + inspiration you need to grow your business.

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