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We help direct-to-consumer brands increase conversions and optimize customer retention. 📈

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Welcome to
Melissa Burkheimer Studios

We curate brand campaigns for product launches, making sure your creative assets align with your big-picture vision and sales goals. In short, we design seamless brand experiences that build communities and inspire action––keeping customers coming back for more.

(Seriously, it’s our super power.)

Launch status = record-breaking blockbuster for your debut

Iconic brand design that converts because it cohesively connects to your audience

Thoughtful buzz building ideas centered around your audience’s big dreams

Sustain success through strategies that ignite your after launch glow

Stellar customer experiences where buyers feel the red carpet experience you’ve carefully curated for them

We’re the backstage dream team who understands your big picture vision and can apply that into a successful campaign without missing a detail.

(Seriously, it’s our super power.)
Let’s partner together for your next launch.

Conversion Design

our conversion-design infused brand campaigns will make your product the star of the show.

Product Launches

Create the product brand vision and mission to make your product feel new again. Think of this as your big picture plan to help your product launch in alignment with your dreams.


One day or one week


Live Strategy Time with Me:
One VIP half day or two 90-minute calls in one week


What’s included:
Product vision 
Product mission
Product promise
Product benefits
Product positioning
(Re)Invention Strategy Dossier


Investment starts at $2500

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Create the product visual brand identity to align with the vision & goals for your launch. Think of this as the visual experience your audience has before they buy from you.

Two to three weeks

Live Strategy Time with Me:
A kickoff strategy call, followed by five 30-minute check-in calls over our proposed timeline.

What’s included:
The logo + icon suite
Primary + secondary brand colors
Typography styling
Photography art direction
Brand identity guidelines

Optional Upgrades:
Brand illustrations + pattern design
Brand messaging + brand voice
Website copywriting
Launch copywriting (emails + sales page)
Website design + development
Sales page design + development

Investment starts at $2500

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Bring your big picture launch dreams to life! Together, let’s come up with ideas to grow and nurture your audience, build buzz about your product and curate a seamless sales strategy.


One day or one week

Live Strategy Time with Me:

One VIP half day or two 90-minute calls in one week

What’s included:
Review of any previous launch debriefs
Ideation for buzz building strategies
Designing a pre-launch nurture experience
Creating the live launch buzz building experience
Curating a seamless sales strategy
Mapping out a 3-month launch calendar

Investment starts at $2500

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We’re here to help create the best possible experience for you. Fill out the form to tell us about your dream project. Other services available including copywriting,
social impact strategy, packaging design, speaking and training.

“Melissa is the most amazing sales page designer I know.

She provides a stellar customer experience and
exceeded expectation I had. She’s worked with your favorite million dollar entrepreneurs and she took the sales experience of STS to a whole new level!”

– Jereshia Hawk,
Creator of Services that Sell

“Melissa was able to take the essence of me…

…And put it into a beautiful format to share the message I wanted to get out there. It’s better than any sales page I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it’s mine. It’s really perfect.”

– Kimra Luna, Freedom Hacker,
Branding Mentor and Founder of Be True, Brand You

“Melissa is not just an amazing designer, an incredible project manager, but she’s also a standout launch manager.

She can single-handedly take a project with dozens of moving pieces and with little to no input from my normally Type-A self, she can provide results that are beyond my wildest dreams (and produce the 6-figure launches that I want). I can see a ten fold return on the investment I made and it’s been one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done!”

– Lise Kuecker,
Founder, The Client Cure

“The biggest benefit I have experienced working with Melissa is gaining clarity. To me, that's priceless.

Melissa encouraged me to pursue my goals without being afraid. I recently used her template for a sales page design to set up a sales page for my newest product. In 10 days, I have had 950 visitors, an average of 23 orders and made over $500 in sales!
My total sales for Month to Date are up 1,855% and my online store sessions is up 975%.”

– Shaunice Sasser,
Co-founder, Brown Girl Stationery

Hey there.
I’m Melissa Burkheimer,

Brand Strategy + Design Director Melissa Burkheimer Studios

I killed my parents’ dream of me becoming a popstar (sorry, mom & dad!). Instead, I took a different creative route, a life full of helping direct-to-consumer brands increase conversions and optimize customer retention.

My signature design process helped me achieve my dream of getting paid to be creative while staying home with my babies. They’re not babies anymore.

I’ve consulted on dozens of launches as a sales page designer, creative director, and launch manager that have collectively generated multiple 7 figures in revenue.

My clients 10X their sales goals and get featured in places like The Ellen Show, Steve Harvey, Access Hollywood, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

When I’m not using my conversion design brain or daydreaming about my new mascara line, I’m probably lounging in my pool, jamming out to Mariah Carey or making a plan for my plans.

Check out my podcast

The Design Business Show

The Design Business Show is a podcast about business + design. Meet the designers, creators, and founders behind your favorite product launches.
The Design Business Show won “Best Podcast” the 2019 Social Media Club Hashie Awards.

“Melissa is amazing to work with because she stays at the forefront of the digital design/online marketing industry.

Melissa’s graphic design talents were huge assets to the launch of my product. She’s very detail-oriented and made herself available to answer any questions while creating an amazing clean design for our membership site based on initial concepts.”

– Lewis Howes,
Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of the School of Greatness

“Melissa was so on top of things!

“What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned. Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

– Amy Porterfield,
Online Marketing Strategist and host of the Online
Marketing Made Easy Podcast

“I tripled my revenue!

“I tripled my revenue! I’m definitely not a freelancer anymore and I would never have realized that I could, or should, niche down in order to grow my business if it wasn’t for Melissa. I’m now clear about the direction my business is going.”

– Shaundra Howard,
Creator of Stressless Launches

“Melissa will go above the traditional online branding, searching out other options that will have your people wanting to copy your website!

“I’ve had a vision of how I wanted, only to be told by marketers + agencies that it wouldn’t work. Melissa “got” what I have been trying to do for years. My website is fun, professional, and I love it.

Working with Melissa is fun and she will go above the traditional online branding, searching out other options that will have your people wanting to copy your website!  She will listen and meet you where you are to make sure you get a website that you are happy to share, that features your work in a way that makes people want to click, and that feels like you.”

– Kendrick Shope
Founder of Authentic Selling®

When you’re in the market for a creative partner to help you with your product launch, you really want an upgrade.

Check out some of the premium designs my team and I create.

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