Frustrated cause no one is buying your stuff? Try this.

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Here’s a confession: I’m good at things like sales pages, big brand plans and getting good parking spots. And I make a heckuva chicken pot pie.

I’m not so good at putting myself out there, or sharing how I’ve helped my peers and clients. 🙈

I didn’t even have a working website for like 3 years in my business. I didn’t want to build an email list, so I didn’t. And it was really refreshing.

I wanted to grind behind-the-scenes, so I did. And the results I help people get have been phenomenal. (I bet you can relate!).

Meanwhile, my peers in the industry have spoke on international stages, sold their courses to hundreds of students and post to their social media accounts frequently.

Their offers convert. They’re consistently growing their email list. They attend live events. They get interviewed on podcasts. And they hit multiple six-figures. They don’t stop.

And here’s my other confession: I stop. I’ll get on a podcast here or there, but I’ll stop seeking invites. I’ll post an update to Instagram or Facebook here or there, but that’s about it. I blogged twice six months ago. But I stopped.

Starting today, that’s going to change. And if you can relate, you should make small steps with me to put yourself out there.

My friend was frustrated that no one was signing up for her new offer, and we both quickly realized that no one signed up for it because they didn’t know about it!

So, since we’re doing to this together, I’ll start by sharing what I’m doing, plus 8 ways that you can put yourself out there that don’t cost a penny.

So, here’s how I’m putting myself out there and giving value….for free.

  1. I’m super excited to be one of 33 guest teachers in Lexi D’angelo’s Biz Woo Masterclass series! I’ll be teaching you how to create a website that aligns with your ambition and my training goes live in early March.
  2. Last week I did an Instagram takeover on the Biz Woo School Instagram account, where I shared via Instagram story showcasing behind-the-scenes in my business.
  3. I was interviewed for two podcasts last week, and I’m welcoming new podcast or video interview requests.
  4. I’m starting to consistently post to social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram).
  5. I’m going to share the interviews I’ve done, more often! The last time I posted one of my interviews on Facebook, I received two more invites to be on other podcasts.
  6. I’m offering pitch-free sessions in the next two weeks helping people with Launch Plans, Big-Picture Branding, and Upleveling Their Design Dusiness. (Want one? Click on the link that applies to you and I’ll send you a link to schedule a call!)

Here are a couple of other things you can do, if you want to put yourself out there and give value for free.

  1. Sign up for HARO, to get media requests sent to you via email. (Hey Steve Harvey! I’m ready to be a guest on your show!).
  2. Email 3 people you know with podcasts or platforms where you can me interviewed or featured and tell them how you can offer value to your audience.
  3. Support the guest teachers in Lindsay Padilla’s Facebook Group, The Teacher’s Lounge for Entrepreneurs, and if you’re brave, sign up to do your own guest teaching spot. I’ve done two in there!
  4. Do 3 Facebook Lives per week on your business fan page.
  5. Upload a video to Facebook and promote it using Facebook Video Views. You can get views for as little as a penny. (No joke.)
  6. Guest post on Huffington Post or Medium, or another site where your ideal customer hangs out.
  7. Host a free webinar that shows off your super power. Just to give value.
  8. Write a list of 10 places you can speak, talk, teach, or provide value. Send them a sweet pitch.

By telling you that I’m committed to putting myself out there more and giving value, it means I have to. Hold me accountable, friends. We’re in this together. 🙂

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