The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Manifesting

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Disclaimer: I’m not really lazy. I’m an entrepreneur with two kids home from school for the summer. They play a lot of baseball, and I’ve got a lot on my plate. So, if there’s an easy way to do something, that’s how I want to do it. Ironically, I’ve learned one of the main premises in the art of manifesting is to not worry about the “how.”

I’m just like you. I’m an entrepreneur who wants to help people and uplevel my business.

And I’m really good at getting in my own way.

I’m full of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits, and I’ve got a few resources in my back pocket to help me crush those beliefs and habits. (More on that in a minute.)

I was exposed to the world of manifesting and abundance in December 2012, when I joined a pilot program with other female entrepreneurs lead by Elizabeth DiAlto.

Joining that program helped me see the potential for success outside of my little freelance design world.

It felt like 100 little doors opened, and through them was the path that taught me how to think bigger.

I still haven’t went all in with manifesting, but I dabble here and there. The more I dabble, the more the higher powers shift things into my favor. Because of those shifts, I’ve been able to…

  • Work with thought leaders like Sean Malarkey, Amy Porterfield, and Lewis Howes; all of whom I’ve bought a course from since starting my business.
  • Celebrate my first $5,000 month, and my first five-figure month a few years later.
  • Travel to California to mastermind with game-changing entrepreneurs.
  • Create my own mastermind + hired my first assistant.
  • Receive an invitation to speak on stage in Miami at a live event.
  • Learn that my natural skill set is actually a talent.
  • Design dozens of sales pages for masterminds, courses, membership programs, that have generated over seven figures in revenue and changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs.
  • Move into my dream fixer upper (with a pool!) right across the street from a close friend.

And I’ve been able to do it all while taking my kids to and from school; and not work like a dog.

While running a business isn’t always easy, I prefer things be easy.

So, without further ado, here are a few of my easy-to-do success habits that help me hit new goals. I’m not perfect, and I don’t do them every day, but when I do most of them, I’m more productive, cool things happen, and I believe even more than I did the day before.

1. Write down your goals every day

On days when I’m consistent, I write down everything I want, such as 7 sales page leads a month and a brand-new Kate Spade purse. (Do you hear that, Big U?).

In December I wrote down that I wanted to speak at an event I was attending in January. I let go of the “how,” and it happened.

This is a tip from Denise Duffield-Thomas, whom I’m slightly obsessed with. I’ve taken her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and her Manifesting Course. They’re both life-changing.

2. Meditate

This sounds cliche. But meditating helps clear my non-stop brain. My version of meditating means turning on an Abraham Hicks video on YouTube and putting it under my pillow while I snooze for 10 more minutes in the morning. 😂

One of my favorite videos to listen to is this “I Receive” meditation by my friend and former client Lana Shlafer. She’s pretty much a rockstar in all things Law of Attraction – so you should definitely check her out!

3. Set Intentions for Each Project + Launch

During my launch manager days, the launch team would set an intention for the participants of our free content and for the people who bought the course. And, each team member working on the launch would set an individual intention for our performance within the launch.

Mine was always around confidence, cause I didn’t realize that I was actually good at what I was doing. I’m creating a mastermind for designers soon, and my intention for each designer who joins is that they get 1 new client for their newly niched service by the end of the mastermind.

4. Gratitude

It works. Just this morning I had a call with my coach and I thought I actually wasn’t doing that great at appreciating what I already have. What you focus your energy on expands.

My best advice? Be grateful what you have, and stop complaining about all the bad things that keep happening to you.

There’s nothing wrong with being grateful that things aren’t worse.

5. Give yourself a break

Give yourself a break. We’re always harder on ourselves than anyone else, and I bet you’re doing better than you give yourself credit for.

6. EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, which is also known as tapping. I’m not a regular tapper, but I know it helps bring positivity in your life. I first heard about it through Marie Forleo’s interview with Nick Ortner, but I didn’t start doing it until I found Melanie Bundock. She’s a member of another course I’m in, and we became friends.

I’m a member of her Tapping into Abundance course, and if you’re curious about it or feel like you’re in a slump, try tapping with her here. Her lovely british accent makes it seem dreamy to tap along to.

7. Track Your Incoming Money Every Day

Almost every day, I login to my bank accounts, PayPal, Samcart and my biz revenue spreadsheet and track everything that comes in and goes out. She has a free app for iPhone you can download to track your money. This is another Lucky Bee Tip! (Did I mention I’m obsessed with her?).

She has a free app you can download (for iPhone users) so you can set money goals, and track your income as it comes in.

8. Finally; Read Books that Make Abundance + Manifesting Realistic

There are a million resources and books out there about manifesting. I like people that keep it real, and here are my two fave books.

1. Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas (<—life-changing)
2. E-Squared by Pam Grout (<—-money miraculously showed up in my bank account twice when I was questioning life and looking for a sign)


I’m not perfect, and I don’t practice these habits every day. But when I’m not lazy, and practice them more, I receive more good things in my life..

Maybe it’s a penny in the street, or a free crystal in the mail from a biz bestie, or a surprise affiliate commission in my PayPal that I forgot about.

I’m just like you, an entrepreneur who wants to help people and uplevel my business. Having an abundance mindset is just a piece of having a great business, but it’s a step in the right direction.

And now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have additional tips to share that I missed? Do you have a story to share about a book you’ve read or manifesting resource you’ve used?

Disclosure: I may be an affiliate promoter for some of the links above. This means that if you decide to purchase any of the products, I may be compensated a small commission at no additional cost to you. I never recommend products that I don’t love or personally use, so you can trust that I’ll only share the best of the best products.

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